To install Dexios, there are two main options.

Firstly, you can install via cargo with cargo install dexios, or you may download a binary from the release page (make sure you mark it as executable, otherwise it won't run!).


To use cargo for installing, ensure you have gcc installed on your system.

You may install via cargo with the command cargo install dexios


You may also use cargo for installing, just run the command:

cargo install dexios


Dexios can be installed on Android devices, via Termux. All features have been confirmed to work, but if you find any, please open a Github issue.

Dexios was tested on Android 12, with Termux v0.118.0, but it should work on a wide range of devices.

To install, ensure you have cargo installed. You may install Dexios with the command:

AR=llvm-ar cargo install dexios

Building Notes

gcc is required for building on Linux and FreeBSD.

Manually setting RUSTFLAGS is no longer required, as the AEAD crates we use from the RustCrypto Team automatically detect, and take advantage of hardware cryptography primitives.

Downloading and running a pre-compiled binary

The Github Releases page contains pre-compiled binaries, generated with Github Actions. These are ideal if you don't want to go through the hassle of building, and they should run on any system (provided the architecture matches). They are the exact same binaries from Github Actions, so we can ensure they haven't been tampered with.

We encourage users to check the hash provided in the GA Workflow, and compare with the file you have downloaded.